Deathsex Bloodbath

Deathsex Bloodbath

Mason - group 2


Well all I can say is they are defiantly different and very unique, they say there in the rock sphere somewhere. Basically there a singing sex show but fun with it. Theres lots of industrial punk sounds in there music to, I find them quite refreshingly different. Vocally good, Lyrically amusingly sexual and funny and the music is just a unique rock mix.


Deathsex Bloodbath, a five-piece from Coventry, UK. We play something in the rock sphere – glam-garage, sleaze-weird, something like that. The band are Sadogasm (vocals, guitar), Masokiss (bass), Caitred Alabaster (vocals), Justin Appropriate (guitar) and Sororicide (drums). In the band’s mythology, we were a highly successful rock band in the early 00s before disintegrating due to members leaving and quality deteriorating. In reality, we released our debut EP in 2014 (‘Golden Showers: The Very Best of Deathsex Bloodbath’) and will release our Christmas single, ‘One Christmas Night’ on 15/12. The band have a cult following due to our stage show (which has involved space hoppers, regenerations, costume changes and threesomes) and lyrical focus on unusual subjects (auto-erotic asphyxiation, sexting, Real Dolls)

Deathsex Bloodbath
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