Death by Disco

Death by Disco

Death By Disco! known by fans as DBD are a five piece Pop/Punk/Metal/Rock Band(that`s if you can give them a label) from Aberdare in the South Wales Valleys, the band consists of Liam O`Connor, Matthew Jones (Maj), Matthew Bool (Booly) , Iuean and Joe Black. The band got themselves established via a high octane live show around their local area before moving on to hit Cardiff, Swansea and Newport. The band released their excellent debut E.P. `The story of pain and glory` full of original songs which will get you hooked with their thoughtful lyrics and ripping melodies. The band have played with big artists on the welsh scene including….. Reaper In Sicily, The Guns, asteroid boys, Led by lions, Glass Giants, Oaths, Falling with style, nineteen fifty eight as well as international touring bands such as Closure in Moscow.

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Death by Disco
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