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Dead Nexus




So if its death you want its death you got but with a unique twist of melodic thrown in for good measure. While listening you can pick out some good old school metal riffs accompanied by some fantastic heavy bass lines making it all feel as it should. Vocally fantastic, Lyrically great and the music is good old death at its best.


Death Metal with a splash of Melodic and Grindcore for extra seasoning.
Bringing fast and variable tempos with unusual time signatures, the heavy 7 strings will be sure to keep your head banging.

Dead Nexus was formed with the Departure of a family member bringing together the three original members. Filthy Phil on Drums, Ryan Bailey on guitar, Dan the Shred on guitar & vocals and Charles Cooksey on Bass. With the debut of their first album “Departure” in 2014 Dead Nexus set out to play as many shows as possible to “Spread the Dead” to all reaches of the Pacific Northwest and beyond.



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Dead Nexus
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