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Dead End Scene



Fantastic Metal/Rock band from Finland and we all know some of the best comes from there and these guys certainly prove that. With their supersonic riffs fast past rhythms and cool gruff vocals they are every rock fans listening pleasure. Vocally superb, Lyrically fantastic and the music is bloody awesome. What I love most is the way they have mixed the rock with the metal to create a sound that is second to none. Really digging these guys.


Dead End Scene is a fresh up and coming Metal/rock band from Helsinki, Finland, thats Packed with energy, groove, melodies and bitching riffs. Ville and Sulo have been playing together since about the year 666 b.c in a band that later shaped up to be Dead End Scene, but the band really came together when Mike joined the band in the spring of 2014 and Jones later in the summer and finally Olli a bit later on. Dead End Scene have been working hard, and have already released two EP:s so far, Sickness-EP in the beginning of 2015 and Dance On Broken Glass-EP in october 2015, with both EP:s receiving positive reviews. Dead End Scene has been playing live shows regularly and are preparing and writing material for their third release.

Dead End scene is: Mike Shine-vocals, Sulo Hohko-Guitar, Olli Salmi-Lead Guitar, Ville Rautakorpi-Bass, Jones-Drums

ONLY ONE SCENE (dance on broken glass-ep):

Season Of The Wicked (dance on broken glass-ep):

Watch Me Fall (dance on broken glass-ep):

Rise To Fall (Sickness-EP):

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Dead End Scene
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