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Fantastic band indeed, covering a broad range of rock/grunge/folk/metal/blues etc, Sounding very similar to Pearl Jam but with a groovier vibe. Vocally superb, Lyrically supreme and the music is just brilliant. I love there cover of  Alanis Morissette’s You Oughta Know.


Daze of Dawn – from Valencia, Spain. Original rock music with funky grooves of rock, grunge, metal, folk-rock and blues. Grand Prize Winners of Sona La Dipu Pop-Rock contest in 2012 this Valencia based alternative, retro-rock band have been stunning audiences for over a decade with their legendary live shows and breath of originality. The band is now a ROCK POWER TRIO (with the occasional appearance of a bad-ass keyboard player on the side). Formed on Canadian front-man Klyde’s arrival in Spain in 2001 after some years living and performing in Japan, DOD have toured throughout Spain and Europe and continue to take over the world one audience at a time. Daze of Dawn´s lively arrangements, subtle details and continued growth can be heard on their 4 previous releases, Shinjuku In June (2001), Puppet Heads (2003), Drug Testing (2006) and Yeti Nation (2008), which have won the band continuous accolades from the media and critics alike, including obtaining them spots in major national and international festivals and appearances on Spanish national radio and television. The latest album SOFA KING COOL (2013), recorded by Pau Chafer at RC Estudios and mixed/mastered by Grammy winner Manu Tomás, contains 14 masterfully written and produced songs of long-awaited new music by this excellent original band. SOME OF THEIR FESTIVAL APPEARANCES: 2002 – FESTIMAD (madrid), 2012 – VIÑA ROCK (barcelona), 2013 – LOW COST FESTIVAL (benidorm), 2014 – PRIMAVERA SOUND (barcelona) & LOW COST FESTIVAL (benidorm). ACCOLADES: 2011 – HARD ROCK CAFE INTERNATIONAL BATTLE OF THE BANDS (SEMIFINALISTS), MTV WINTER VALENCIA (FINALISTS), 2012 – SONA LA DIPU VALENCIA (WINNERS) TV & RADIO: Spanish national radio (RNE3), Spanish national television TVE (Los conciertos de Radio 3). So far 2015 looks to be an exciting year for the band as it begins at the end of January with an invite to play a showcase event at The Cuckoo Club in London, in February they are supporting The Brew in 16 Toneladas in Valencia. March and April comprise of short tours of Holland and the UK and in July you will see Daze of Dawn on the main stage of Barcelona Rock Fest performing a one hour set on 25th July. WHAT THE PRESS SAYS “Daze of Dawn is definitely one of those impressive bands. Their blend of music reminds me of Led Zeppelin meeting head on with Pearl Jam. Big statement, I know, but I stand by my word.”— Metal Mark McPheeters, Target Audience Magazine. “Jaw-droppingly good” – Rock Total “Brilliant” – Kerrang “A great album… to break through the dense number of bands fighting to emerge, Daze of Dawn show it´s not necessary to re-invent the wheel or become another clone group.” – Max Metal “It´s a pleasure to listen to an album as brilliant and original as this (Puppet Heads)¨ – Kerrang ¨A great album!¨ – Metal Hammer ¨Rarely do we find debuts as personal as this nowadays.¨- Popular 1 “I was hooked from the first riff” – Rob Nankivell, Devils Gate Media CONTACT DETAILS: Des Butcher (booking, management & Press) desbutcher@dazeofdawn.com.










Daze of Dawn
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