Wow I often make in known my love for the Gothic/power/symphonic/metal and these guys do it justice, Talent like this is what makes this kind of music stand out above the rest, both powerful, melodic and beautiful with vocals from an angel. Hitting all the highs and lows in perfect harmony im sure they will go a long way. Vocally supreme, Lyrically superb and the music is pure awesomeness .


Dama project is formed thanks to a chain of events between Milano and its Hinterland. A series of coincidences bring the singer and author Barbara Schera Vanoli and the drum player Pierfrancesco Tarantino to meet. This latter, after having listened to a few of her songs, immediately proposes a collaboration. In a short time a band starts to get together. This band will be officially formed when the keyboard player and sound engineer Danilo Di Lorenzo, the bass player Roberto Gelli and the guitarist Cristian Comizzoli join. The name “Dama” is chosen in order to represent the world that their music wishes to express and the singer’s passion for gothic cathedrals dedicated to “Notre Dame” in France. Barbara’s melodies and texts merging together in Piero’s musical arrangements, create a fusion of sounds that contrasts with the frequencies and dynamics typical of nowadays trademark. North-European metal influences are mixed with gothic, pop, rock and symphonic outlines which give life to a very particular style when compared to the italian music reality. In 2008, the promo “Dama” is published with 5 songs.
The debut album “Eirwen” was completed in 2012; it’s a double album in english and italian. The italian version is entitled “Immaginario” and the English version “Imaginary”. The titles underline the the fact that “Eirwen” is a fantasy world created and inhabited exclusively by Barbara’s creativity and imagination.
The decision to keep both languages did not facilitate the quest for a record label. However, the band persevered and at the end of 2010 signed a contract with the english label Ravenheart Records. “Eirwen” was released on August 2011.
The new single of the band “Echoes” was released on November 19, 2012.
In 2014 the band announce the title of their second full length, “A Room of Echoes”, scheduled for the end of 2015.




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