Great heavy rock/metal band with unique mix of sounds as they are influenced by a lot of different genres, This works very well indeed as you end up with a cool heavy balance of awesomeness. Vocally fantastic, Lyrically superb and the music is just as good.


The members started to come together September 2011. Cyanate’s influences are quite “all over the map” but the music generally stays heavy and technical. CYANATE is kind of a “supergroup” here in Reno – Shannon (Twelve Gauge Facelift, Wrathbane), Scott (Downtime), Logan (Otis) & Tim (Darque Carnival, Wrathbane). Although the band has had a bit of a problem keeping vocalists, Cyanate continues to do an instrumental show from time to time. Once Cyanate does find their next vocalist they’re already reserved to head to the studio and record with a world renowned artist/engineer. The song “Scars of Tomorrow” tends to be a crowd favorite although the song is one of their slower and less technical tunes.

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