Crawl declassifies the ‘Crockford Files’.

Toronto/Windsor-based melodic heavy rock heavyweights CRAWL are back with a vengenance in 2016.

The quartet is following up the raw and thundering 2014 EP ‘Anticipate The Fall’ with ‘The Crockford Files’, a dark and textured release that captures the spirit, energy and confidence of a band exploring new horizons.

‘Mine’ is the EP’s leadoff track and first single. It’s a head-bobbin’, foot-stompin’ riff-tastic throw back to some of CRAWL’s earlier songs like ‘Clifford, Joel and Me’ or ‘Moment’.

The songs on ‘The Crockford Files’ were honed playing dozens of live shows between 2014 and 2016 with such international touring artists as Nothing More, Prong, Texas Hippie Coalition and Hellyeah and making it’s first venture into the United States.

Recorded in the spring of 2016 at TRH Music Group with “Dr” Sean Gregory, ‘The Crockford Files’ features three newly composed songs and reimaginings of two songs from CRAWL’s back catalog.

Here is a link to download an MP3 copy of the EP as well as high resolution photos of the band the EP’s cover.

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