Craig Lawrence

Craig Lawrence



Its not every day a singer/songwriter comes along who reminds you lots of  my fav teen age year heros, Yes this guy is very much like Morrissey / crossed with the Chilli Peppers  but with a more modern pop/rock sound. Very talented indeed Craig is one of those artists where you can feel the passion flowing in every note which is what makes him stand out above the others of a similar style. Vocally fantastic, Lyrically superb and the music is spot on.


A New York City native, Craig Lawrence has been performing throughout the City since his teens. As a songwriter, Lawrence draws from a wide variety of influences, from the Smiths to the Beastie Boys, from the Red Hot Chili Peppers to the Black Keys and from Lana Del Rey to Azelia Banks. After developing his current sound over the past two years, Lawrence has hit New York City stages at Irving Plaza (supporting Sugar Ray) and Highline Ballroom, as well as more intimate venues, such as Toshi’s Living Room, The Living Room and The Delancey.

Melissa Nastasi from Modern Mystery raves that “Lawrence really does lay his heart, soul, and music, ‘on the line,’” and will “stun you with his knack for writing the perfect tune.” Editor of Frontier Magazine, Alec Cunningham, says about Lawrence’s music, “Each of his songs will find their way into your heart for one reason or another.” Stay tuned for Lawrence’s upcoming shows and the release of his debut album, Shake the World, coming Summer 2015!



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