Color Out

Color Out



Wow the kind of rock that shaped a lot of bands today and these guys certainly know how to keep it alive. Heavily influenced by the millennium rock music years but with their own unique twist really makes these guys jump out and scream in ya face, both fast paced and melodic each song has a story which pulls you in, almost hypnotic in nature. Vocally superb, Lyrically supersonic and the music is just kick ass awesome. If you didn’t have these guys in your collection it would be like a library missing a book.


Color Out is a new rock solo project from Dave Hedrick hailing from Chicago.

Heavily influenced by early 2000’s rock, Color Out looks to expand on what made those bands so successful while still creating its own unique sound. With screams and falsettos over distorted and acoustic guitars, Color Out writes emotional music with lyrics to match.

“When listening to the self-titled release from Color Out, one thing becomes apparent – Dave Hedrick is a very strong musician and it shows as every musical part within the songs are played with skill” – Matheson Kamin

Color Out
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