The COFFEA STRANGE are an Italian band formed in Crotone, Calabria, in 2012. The band, was originally formed of Daniele Sorrentino (voice and guitar), Davide Otranto (viola) and Antonio Ferraro (drum), that leaves the band in 2013. In September 2013, The Coffea Strange performed on Maverick Rock’n’Roll Festival (Headliner on the forth day) with a new and unusual line-up:guitar and viola. After some gigs, the band recorded their first album. The work lasted five months. They Publish the first EP called “EP (Emphatic Promo). Out to 15th October 2014 with the first single and video: “The Story in a Roll” In 2015 Davide Otranto leaves, and add to the band: Ivan De Luca (lead guitar) Mirko Caruso (Bass & Synth) Emmanuele Sestito (Drum). They Publish the first album called “Sorry for Yesterday”. Out to 30 October 2015 with the first single and video: “Staying with My Giants”.

Album “Sorry For Yesterday”:


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