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Chosen By Gods



Fantastic band with a mix of Metal/Grunge/Punk and they sure as hell mix it up. If you role all your fav rock music into one you get these guys, their not afraid to play with sounds either as there are some jaw busting guitar riffs accompanied by some awesome drum beats and great punkish vocals. Vocally superb. Lyrically supreme and the music kicks ass big time.  Loving this lot immensely, every song brings something different to the table. BLOODY SUPERB..


You may think that the name “Chosen by gods” is random, well it’s not. they’ve been hand-picked by higher powers to fill in a void and supply you with supreme high quality music. They’re here to put metal -grunge-punkrock back on the map and they’ve spent the last few years perfecting their art.

Bandmembers have come and gone along the way, the music has developed and been refined and optimized with time, to the point where it’s a very different band now than what it was back when they were mere mortals. You may be wondering how the band is best described? It isn’t, the only way to truly experience divine music is with your ears so have a listen and decide for yourself what kind
of eargasm Chosen By Gods give you!

So far the band have recorded two demos and they just recently finished the recordings of their second three track EP.

This is what the current line-up looks like:
Henrik Ohlsson – vocals
Jocke Björkegren – guitars
Peter Kahm – bass
Max Thornell – drums

These guys are no beginners, they’ve all been a part of the music scene for quite some time and you may have heard them with bands / artist like Its Alive, Southpaw, Hearse, Leila K, Black Dog, Ebony Tears or Satanarchy.

When it comes to their influences it´s actually pretty hard to point them out, what do the band themselves have to say about some of their favourites? ; “Well, we all love just about every band and project that Mike Patton is / has been involved in; Faith No More, Tomahawk, Mr Bungle etc. Alice in Chains, Kvelertak and Black Sabbath are other bands that we are quite fond of and of course the love for Kiss is hard to hide! To sum it up we listen to everything from punk to old hardrock to newer hardrock to jazz to death metal…well, you name it!”

At the moment the band´ is looking to do as many gigs as possible and it’s pretty much time for a full length album to see the light of day if you ask the band! The truth is it’s hell on earth without Chosen By Gods so join the chosen ones and reach for higher ground!

Chosen By Gods
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