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Great death metal band playing everything expected from a hi caliber band playing this kind of metal and they do it well, Vocally deathly great, Lyrically fantastic, at least you can here what there actually singing, and the music is superb. If like us you love a bit of death now and then check these guys out.


Cemetery Filth formed in January 2014 with the intent to play filthy, simple, old-school influenced death metal. Members consist of Jonah Turner on drums, Neal Williams on bass, Matt Kilpatrick on vocals/guitar, and Ryan Guinn on guitar.While the members live in three different states (VA, TN, NC), the band is based in Johnson City, TN.
The three tracks for the “Screams From The Catacombs” EP were written within a couple months, and recording began in March, with completion in June. The EP was released digitally and had a very limited pro-CDr release in early July. Copies for the pro-CDr release quickly sold out. Unspeakable Axe Records decided to release a cassette version, which was released on September 16th. The EP made its way to iTunes and Spotify shortly thereafter, all the while receiving positive reactions and reviews.
The next focus for the band is to finish writing new songs for an upcoming split with Trench Rot, Sabbatory, and Ectovoid. David Prae (Living Decay, Haunting) will be recording it in early November. Unspeakable Axe Records will be releasing the split on CD in 2015.

Matt Kilpatrick (Vocals, Guitars)
Neal Williams (Bass)
Jonah Turner (Drums)
Ryan Guinn (Guitars)










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