Giant Rabbits

June 23, 2016

BIO: We are a new blooming 4 piece Alternative band hailing from Aundeck Omni Kaning (AOK), Ontario, taking sounds and influences from the 80’s/90’s alternative bands and mixing in some Folk/Hip-hop/Pop styles. we have already started our first year (2014) at a great pace with our song “Conspiracies” and in 2015 we claimed the CBC UpNorth’s Most Original Band Award. Longtime best friends Nick Jett McGraw and Thom Anderson take…


Caffe Collective

March 7, 2016

Conversations over a really great Cup of Espresso spiralled out of control into one of the loosest Funk Bands to have come out of Milton Keynes. Impelled by the refusal of decision – The group carried out most of their rehearsals on the streets of London; inviting the people in audience to keep the beat. Since the last 18 months they have travelled and duplicated their concept beyond the UK;…



December 22, 2015

REVIEW Here is something different for rock Bandom. For all you 80’s pop synth lovers this band is spot on, lets face it if your my age you grew up in the 80’s and it is to this day some of the best iconic music around. Zurückspulen or in English Rewind have captured the good old days and released it in style. Vocally fantastic, Lyrically brilliant and the music is…


Cunic Ensemble

October 23, 2015

REVIEW Really cool music indeed, not tied to any particular genre there is something for everyone in there unique style. Vocally fantastic, Lyrically superb and the music is a combination of mixes, instruments and different sounds. Very pleasing indeed. FULL BIO The Cunic Ensemble is a song-based music project started in 2011 by John Clarke who has written & produced songs with various musicians from the Merseyside area & beyond….



October 21, 2015

REVIEW Fantastic trio singing an array of different genres with a mix of sounds and instruments. They kind of have an old school sound that’s kind of uplifting and very joyful to listen to. Vocally fantastic, Lyrically just as good and the music is just fantastically unique indeed. FULL BIO 3 friends who love music and decided to make an album of very different Genres called “A Curious Collection”. We…


Ron Artis II and Thunderstorm

October 6, 2015

REVIEW Something different  and very refreshing indeed. This duet made up of two brothers are awesome, with a cool calm blues/soul alternative feel complimented by some fantastic lyrics and vocals their talent beams through in bucket loads. Vocally superb,Lyrically supreme and the music is pure,real and honest. Listening to them is like being chilled on a sunny day. FULL BIO Ron and Thunderstorm Having created music together since they could…


Scarlet INside

September 8, 2015

REVIEW How about a little something different then, well that’s what you get with this lot. No particular genre as they play a broad spectrum. Describing themselves as experimental they kind of remind me of a modern day Pink Floyd with a mix of instruments, objects and sounds that take you to that lil trip out place in ya brain. Vocally great, Lyrically Superb and the music is just awesome…



May 18, 2015

REVIEW Superb rock/pop/alternative band. These guys are defiantly unique. Imagine some industrial club music infused with modern rock then add some fantastic melodic vocals and that’s this lot. Vocally superb, Lyrically supreme and the music is full of upbeat modern sounds wich will grab you by the balls. All in all Im really digging these and love the style. I recommend them for any collection. FULL BIO Coming to the…