Pastel Motel

September 13, 2014

  REVIEW Cool indie rock band with a unique sound, Reminds us of a heavier version of the White Stripes crossed with Muse and the Smashing Pumpkins. Vocally very good indeed, Lyrically really cool due to the fact the album is a progressive story based on a fictional character which makes for cool listening, it flows so well and one song blends into another seamlessly. There music is brilliance its…


Nigel and his Nihilistic Ramshackle Band

August 26, 2014

  A cross over of post punk come 60s style music which we find very refreshing indeed, Vocally superb and the music is unique making this very pleasant listening indeed.   FULL BIO Nigel and his nihilistic ramshackle band was created in 2010,by sole member nigel armstrong.based in dorchester, dorset,uk. influenced by the slits,white noise,stardust cowboy and screamin’ j hawkins. creating a blend of post punk, left of the dial,off-kilter,alternative,indie…



August 21, 2014

  We at Rock Bandom love a good indie band and these guys are really great, The one thing we love is the old style they have with the modern music of today they remind us of Bread from the 70s yet have that touch of Rem & Pink Floyd style singing. You could go on picking out all kinds of vocals and genres with these guys, there sheer talent…