Me and The Moon

October 23, 2015

REVIEW Superb female fronted indie/pop band and we mean superb. Flowing effortlessly their professionalism stands out in leaps and bounds, captivating you with every note. Vocally superb, Lyrically supreme and the music is out of this world. Mellow and yet uplifting these are a must for any record collection. FULL BIO Guildford based four piece ‘Me and The Moon’ write original and catchy Indie-Pop. They have just self released their…



August 25, 2015

REVIEW When it comes to punk/rock these guys do it in style. What make them stand out is they are very melodic which gives them a different edge compared to most modern day punk. Vocally superb, Lyrically supreme and the music is awesome. I find them a real pleasure to listen to and trust me they would make a great addition to any record collection. FULL BIO Bottler are a…


The Switchma-en

July 3, 2015

REVIEW Great punk/alternative/funk/industrial, well that’s what they class themselves as, truth be known they cover a bit of every music genre in there own unique style but the roots are puckish. Reminding us of an old school Billy Idol or Garry Newman with a touch of Bowie. Vocally good, Lyrically fantastic and the music is a unique punk/industrial mash that works very well indeed. FULL BIO The Switch Ma-en are…


The Pretty Fingers

June 26, 2015

REVIEW Great rock/pop/punk band classing themselves as new wave rock these guys have a fantastic unique sound indeed. imagine Foo Fighters crossed with The Sex Pistols then chuck in some Green Day and bang you end up with this super fast paced 80’s influenced band with the modern sounds of today’s rock/punk scene. Vocally fantastic, Lyrically very good and the music is a mix and mash of good old rock…



May 20, 2015

REVIEW One awesome rock/industrial/punk/pop band.  Yes so unique they have a bit of everything but what shines through more is there fantastic industrial feel. The singer has a voice that sounds much like David Bowie in fact listening to them you could almost imagine them fitting in well along side the Ziggy Stardust albums but with a more modern day feel. Vocally superb, Lyrically Fantastic and the music is awesome….


Agent 13

May 18, 2015

REVIEW Fantastic pop/rock/punk band with a modern twist. Remember the greats like The Clash, The Stones etc. Well take them mix them up a bit add some 90’s alternative then chuck in some modern rock and bang, you get these guys. Extremely great to listen to and every track is mind blowingly catchy. Vocally superb, Lyrically fantastic and the music is just pure awesome. FULL BIO Agent 13 make archetypal…


No Story Goes

April 22, 2015

REVIEW Fast paced punk rock band and very good indeed. With their own unique style and superb rock/punk fusion these guys are sure to please any crowd. When listening you can pick up on hints of old school punk sounds accompanied by an almost thrash metal vibe, which is what makes them stand out. Vocally fantastic, Lyrically superb and the music is awesome. All in all they have the ability…



April 16, 2015

REVIEW Fantastic band indeed, alternative rock/indie/punk is how to describe them but with a unique twist, these guys take you back in time with an 80’s 90’s feel. They remind us of a cross between David Bowie and U2 and to be honest there awesome. Vocally Fantastic, Lyrically superb and the music rocks. FULL BIO As soon as you listen to THE INSIGHT , you will feel back in time…