Little Mister

September 26, 2016

Bio: Raw rhythms, beats and breaks from the voice of a broken soul. Who Little Mister are is a bit of a mystery … but the music is far from a mystery, it’s an eclectic, infectious fusion of sounds from Dance to Delta Blues. No stone will be left unturned. Little Mister write songs that reflect the different genres of music they’ve previously performed, mix them all together and see…


The Lady anoNYMous

July 28, 2016

The Lady anoNYMous is the artist aspect of anoNYMous Raven, a writer, composer, and genderqueer activist. Trained as a pianist, they are heavily influenced by the great ladies of piano rock, Tori Amos and Amanda Palmer. They also draw inspiration from the respective kings of trip-hop and industrial music, Thom Yorke and Trent Reznor. In the past, they have been the vocalist for several metal projects. These days, however, they…


Jerry Hull pianist/singer/song and lyrics writer/arranger

February 5, 2016

  Just imagine, if you can, the talents of Elton John, Billy Joel and Burt Bacharach. Then fuse them together to produce a new talented singer songwriter, what would you get? Well the result is an amazing indie artist named Jerry Hull. Born into the world of Memphis Blues, jazz, and gospel, Hull applied his trade from age 8 growing up with a musically inclined father, who played Chet Atkins…


Black Light Secret

November 24, 2015

REVIEW We don’t get many psychedelically tripped out bands here at Rock Bandom, but when we do there bloody awesome and these guys are just that in a nutshell. Wow would be one word, brilliant would be the other, their music pulls you in as if being hypnotized by an invisible force and forces the brain to go on a journey you may never return from, well at least until…


Playing Mars

April 14, 2015

REVIEW Great duo with no fixed genre as such as they like to let it flow depending on there mood and whats occurring in life at the time. Mostly hypnotic, Melodic and mellow with some fantastic female vocals. These two take you to a place of relaxation, piece and tranquility yet at the same time give you a nice lift of well being. Vocally fantastic, Lyrically superb and the music…


Modern Family Unit

March 30, 2015

REVIEW Now its not often we get that fantastic revival of the good old 80,s electronic/industrial sound, but these guys have pulled it off and done it well. Reminds us of a mix between Depeche Mode Human League then fused with some some modern day Moby. Vocally fantastic, Lyrically superb and the music is uplifting, trippy , ambient and calming. FULL BIO Manchester based duo Gary Hilton and Steve Southern…



March 23, 2015

REVIEW Superb in every way. Its not often we get honored with such a great band especially ones that remind us of Pink Floyd, in fact I would go one step further and say they are the modern day Floyd which is going to please the old school fans big time. There diversity is what makes them as they use old and modern instruments and sounds to create music which…


Regin Le Faye

December 11, 2014

REVIEW Very talented singer/songwriter from way down under and we mean talented. Her music and songs are both powerful, loving and honest. Vocally fantastic, Lyrically superb and the music just flows to accompany her great voice. FULL BIO Regin Le Faye started performing as a Singer, Dancer and Actress from a young age, notably as Lead Singer for Sydney pop cover band The Anthill Mob which performed at the 2000…