Lyrics Of Two

September 30, 2014

REVIEW Multi talented due not only for there great music in Genres such as pop/rock/country but also in their world recognition for songwriting. With many award winning chart topping songs to add to there portfolio there talent does not stop there, as you can tell by there music. Vocally excellent, Lyrically superb and the music is not only fantastic but spread across a whole spectrum of genres. Very nice indeed….



September 29, 2014

REVIEW A very good rock/country/blues duet. And we mean good reminds you of the Carpenters crossed with Johnny Cash and some Travis Tritt. We love them lot and they are defiantly worth checking out, they are talent in its purest form. Vocally Fantastic, Lyrically supreme and the music is second to none. FULL BIO In the Summer of 2012, Erik Anders and Rhonda Royal formed Anders~Royal, a new duet acoustic…


Kara Mann

September 16, 2014

REVIEW Wow every now and then along comes a country singer, but how about a Country/Rock/Pop singer I hear you ask? well her she is. This talented young woman is a very gifted singer/songwriter from New Orleans. With an extremely powerful voice every word she sings sinks in big time. Lyrically excellent, Vocally second to none and the music is just fabulous. This is one to look out for. FULL…