Superb melodic metal band with all the right sounds of highs and lows accompanied by some fantastic vocals and guitar riffs. Vocally fantastic, Lyrically superb and the music is just pure feel good awesomeness.


Carnival Of Noise is an orginial rock band based out of the Washington, D.C Metro Area. The goal of this band is to have fun creating music and give something back to the community. We would like to provide you with melodic arrangements, along with hard hitting riffs. We have a diverse background of musicians that ultimately come together on the common ground of “Carnival of Noise”.

We are currently privilaged to be working in the studio alongside veteran Producer / Bassist / Vocalist – Corey Lowery of the band EYE EMPIRE. Corey has played with, Still Rain, Switched, Steromud, Stuck Mojo and Dark New Day. He has been signed to Columbia Records, Warner Brothers Records to name a few, and has produced several groups to include SEVENDUST and EYE EMPIRE. We are honored to work with such prolific producer and musician.

Our scheduled completion date for our albumn “Inside the Ride” is December, 2014. We would like to take it to the road in 2015 to promote the albumn’s release. We as a band are very pleased and excited about what we have been working on. We hope you will be as well!

We also plan on giving back albumn proceeds to help those in this country that are in desparate need of food and shelter! There are many people that do not have basic needs and we are humbled if we get a chance to help just one!



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