Here is a band that are not only excellent but also very unique in the way there music comes across. Combining several rock genres together they have produced death, thrash, power and hard rock to make some of the best sounds I have come across. Vocally supreme, Lyrically superb and the music is killer. These guys are a must check out band.



Burweed was formed in 2009 in the midst of a creative outburst. The trio found their own voice on the praised “Eyes Down South EP” in 2012. What does Burweed sound like? Try combining the groove of Deftones with the gritty riffs of Mastodon and top the mix with some melodies size of a tidal wave.

Burweed’s debut full-length HIDE comes out February 20th, 2015 on Inverse Records. Hide was recorded in 2013 at Korkeakoski Studios (Insomnium, Bob Malmström). The record was mixed by Antti Loponen, the mastermind behind Consciousness Removal Project, and mastered at Audiosiege by Brad Boatright (responsible of mastering Converge, Sleep. Sunn O))) among others).


Lauri Tattari: drums
Toni Raukola: guitars & voc
Eetu Lehtinen: bass & voc







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