Brother Of Mars

Brother Of Mars


“Brother Of Mars” is the solo project born at the end of 2015 from Italian keyboard player Mauro Zarattini, who’s currently living in the UK.
“Welcome To My Breakdown” is his first album and it has been entirely written, composed and produced by Zarattini.
After a long break from music he felt the need to be free to experiment and write his own music, without having to follow a direction or sound imposed by an existing band.

“Welcome To My Breakdown” talks about different characters and life situations,
starting with a depressed person on the edge of suicide (Mental Breakdown, main song) and followed by a view on modern society ruled by money and time; next is a priest who wakes up in Hell instead of Heaven, because of all the children abused by his church; then a tarot reader who’s seen by people as a crazy witch; a little girl fighting cancer and getting over it; stories of different women hurt by a society controlled by men, ending up with the last song to discover that acceptance is the key to get over the past.

The music is a mix of different styles, mainly hard rock, progressive and ‘70 rock, just like the musicians playing in it.
With Zarattini covering the role of keyboard player and producer, the recording line up was formed by:
– Luna James on vocals
– Ben Cameron (from The Ben Cameron Project) on guitars
– Alastair Beveridge (from the band Hekz) on guitars
– Daniele Zarattini on guitars (his brother)
– Matt Young on bass (as well from the band Hekz)
– Anthony Sullivan on drums
At the mixing desk, engineer Peter Junge from RecordMixing in London.
Finally, the album has been sent to Maor Appelbaum Mastering in California.
Mauro Zarattini is currently unsigned.



Brother Of Mars
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