Brit Floyd Dec 2nd 2014 Bridgewater Hall Manchester UK



Will The Real Pink Floyd Please Stand Up?

Brit Floyd Dec 2nd 2014 Bridgewater Hall Manchester UK

The Bridgewater Hall is built for the best sound possible, so when a band plays there they need to get it right! Whatever you think of tribute bands, you need to see this one! This band are so close to the real thing its almost impossible decipher which is which. With 9 members in the band, its got to be one of the best gigs I have ever seen, with great sound and excellent lighting which mirrors Pink Floyds shows.

The set consisted of a good mix of tracks spaning over 40 years, which included Set The Controls Of The Heart Of The Sun, through to the Division Bell, along with tracks from The Wall, and of course Dark Side Of The Moon, with superb vocals to match.

With almost a full house in attendance this was good timing for the band to do a world tour, considering the real Floyd have just released their very last album, this was a musical treat. I can only say one thing about this band they are at the top of the musical food chain and as long as this band continue to perform Floyds music, I for one with many, many others will seek them out
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