Bobby Danger

Bobby Danger




Fantastic singer song writer, reminding us of blink 182, sum41 etc this guy has some great talent and real pleasure to listen to. Vocally very good indeed, Lyrically superb and the music is good old rock the way it should be.


Bobby Dangers story of dedication and never giving up his dream as a musician living
in a Victorian rural town ,has finally paid off with a signing to a USA record Label.
“If you believe in what you do, there is nothing stopping you to achieve it ,except
yourself “
Born and bred in Mildura , Bobby played in cover bands for years then joined an original band as a
bass player. We slugged it out driving hours to Melbourne to play original music, many times
sleeping in the van
I didn’t have much input into the songs , so I started to write my own songs, just for the fun off it.
With my 80s rock influence ,
So I recorded my first album , late 2012 playing all instrument but drums and produced myself
While getting it mixed down at another studio , a Melbourne based producer heard it and called me
He heard something special in me and thought i could go another level with really professional
recordings and engineers, so he wanted to produce my next recording.
So I went into Everland Productions which is known for producing great rock acts.
Producer Oresti Salter gave it all a harder edge with a more contemporary sound but not losing the
uniqueness of what sets me apart from other acts and I havent been anywhere else since
2013 release of “Surrender” EP got plenty of airplay locally and internationally, and now the 2014
follow up EP called “3D”
A harder rock album ,3D is packed with classic rock tunes and also comes with 3D glasses inside
for optimised viewing of the unique 3D artwork that covers the casing.


Bobby Danger
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