Bloody Heavy- Metal/Rock Nights

Bloody Heavy- Metal/Rock Nights


Starting from tonight 1st August ’14 the Q Club in Cambridge will be hosting  it’s ‘BLOODY HEAVY’  nights sponsored by Millertron.

Here’s what they have to say about it….

“YES… you heard it right! The Q club has opened it’s doors for the night you have all been asking and waiting for… Millertron presents BLOODY HEAVY!!

Bloody Heavy is now a monthly mosh up metal club night, which will be occurring in addition to BLOODY HEAVY LIVE nights which have been running quarterly for almost a year now with great success.

We understand that this is short notice and please regard this as a taster of what is to come…(Keep an eye open on updates for future events,comps and live bands) but now you can rest assured the 1st Friday of every month is now dedicated to everything BLOODY HEAVY…

£4 Entry (£5 After 11pm)
Over 18s Only”.

This sounds like something Rock Bandom will very much be in to so hopefully we will see you guys there in the not to distant future.



Bloody Heavy- Metal/Rock Nights
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