Blood From A Stone

Blood From A Stone



Fantastic hard rock/melodic band. And fantastic for good reason, both powerful yet hard hitting with old school sounds topped with superb modern sound us rock fans love from today’s rock scene. These guys are no acceptation to the rule of being and sounding pro in every way with there super riffs to there clear cut vocals bellowing out some heart felt lyrics. Vocally supreme, Lyrically superb and the music is to die for. If you don’t add these guys to your collection your a fool.


Blood From a Stone is a true working class quintet Hard/Melodic Rock band from the greater Fort Wayne area of Indiana. BFAS has been rocking the stage since 2009 and has been widely appraised for their live shows and ability to command and control the crowd at any venue. The current lineup consists of 3 original founding members David Bren (Guitar) , Brody DIxon (Bass) , and Jordan O’neal (Drums), along with the new additions of Travis Prater (Vocals), and Michael Bryant(Guitar).
The band released their first single “Dreamer” in June of (2014) and has seen radio play across the country which has played a vital part in the bands recent burst of popularity due to being added to multiple internet radio sites such as Iheart radio, sirius satellite radio and octane radio. Blood From A Stone has also Just Released a 5 track Self Titled E.P In MAY 2015. “Dreamer” has put Blood From a Stone on the map as a serious contender in the music industry and their Self Titled E.P Hopes to make waves to attract the attention of major record labels.!/musics/80590

Blood From A Stone
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