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We don’t get many psychedelically tripped out bands here at Rock Bandom, but when we do there bloody awesome and these guys are just that in a nutshell. Wow would be one word, brilliant would be the other, their music pulls you in as if being hypnotized by an invisible force and forces the brain to go on a journey you may never return from, well at least until the music stops, but that’s the problem do you really want it to?.


Spawned out of the Midlands, Black Light Secret are a Psychedelic Rock band with a twist. They’ll take you to another dimension, on an instrumental psychedelic journey with hints of trance and dub along the way.


Formed in November 2013, after the bass player answered an advert for a drummer, they started playing together and soon realised that they had something special, holding their first live gig in November 2014. Their first big gig came in April 2015, when they were asked to join The Earls of Mars and Keepers Brew at an event called The Intergalactic Psychedelic Circus. This was received so well that the rest of 2015 was filled with alternative music festivals and gigs, such as supporting the Hawklords on their recent UK tour. They couldn’t have asked for a better start, and look forward to the years ahead.


A unique sound that doesn’t sit in one genre. Although broadly psychedelic rock, you’ll hear hints of jazz, trance & dub in their music. They describe it as a selection of paths that take you on a journey of twists and turns, shooting out beams of form and harmony along the way, ending in a completely different place and atmosphere to where you began. There’s no set formula – it’s just original, natural and organic.


To continue with the success they’ve had this year and play at many more festivals. Having such a unique sound requires the right audience, and alternative music festivals are where they feel most at home. They’d also like to support some of their favourite artists and bands, and continue to create more music for the fans to enjoy. They’re currently working on their 1st studio album, after the success of their initial 3 EP’s.

Musical influences

Gong, Ozric Tentacles, The Orb, Ted Greene, Stevie Ray Vaughn, Led Zeppelin, Geezer Butler.

Achievements and highlights

Since hitting the scene in April 2015, they couldn’t have asked for a better reception. Others highlights are, being asked back to 2 festivals, selling out of all their cd’s at their first festival, Sonic Rock Solstice, and going down a storm at the Off The Tracks festival, where they got mobbed for autographs!


Their first 4 track EP: Veil, was released in December 2013, followed by The Risk of Absence in March 2014, which is a 5 track EP. Soon after that, in June 2014, came Surya Yantra, another 4 track EP. They’re currently working on their first album, due out in 2016.

Reviews and comments

Ryan’s Gig Guide wrote:

If you grew up with Hawkwind, Ozric Tentacles, White Noise, Pink Fairies or Gong, then you must get in to Black Light Secret as they continue to take things to another level. True stunning guitar playing, intentional lengthy and mainly instrumental epic space trance rock tunes, with the exception of the odd psychedelic phrase, sung on the 12 minute masterpiece ‘Stolen Boy’. As a record, ‘Surya Yantra’ is enlightening and ambient or rocking the galaxy for over 30 minutes, and you would welcome it to extend. The guitar and bass work makes you wonder if they have backgrounds in physics or electronic engineering because it’s just unbelievable

Ian Abraham’s Space Rock Reviews wrote:

The EP ‘The Risk Of Absence’, five tracks of robust but not overly heavy music, with a definite space-rock bent and some nice guitar and bass lines that they correctly describe as having something of an up-tempo vibe. That’s generally the modus operandi across all of the tracks, with some pauses for more reflective interludes. They play to a starting theme but then get themselves quite away from it all at times, so there’s something of a disconnection happening. That’s also the jazz influence that they note, I’d say – instruments that benefit from coming around on a repeat visit really….and I’ll be giving them more than just that for sure.

The Intergalactic Psychedelic Circus wrote:

What a great night – you rocked it! You really are Marauders of the void – Let’s do it again sometime

Black Light Secret are:

M – Guitar, Keyboard & Effects
Lee – Bass & Samples




Black Light Secret can be found here:

Black Light Secret
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