Black Anemone

Black Anemone

Black Anemone will always set the bar high and keep pushing the envelope to always get it to a higher point. This group of young, edgy and sharp dressed ”Folk rockers” is not afraid to be straight up in your face with their sing along mixture of Folkish melodies, Rock and Roll sound and Punk feel.
The band started out in 2010 when the front man Mattias wanted to start a new project just fresh in to High School where him and most of the soon to be members where studying music. ” I wanted to mix the sound Traditional folk music, mostly Irish Trad and fusion it with rock and punk. Having strong roots in the rock and punk genre”. He recruited his longtime friend Andy on guitar and they both quickly met Adam on drums. After a few months of rehearsing Black Anemone was formed. The band has released a EP in 2011, a full length album titled “King of Kings” in 2013 and recently released their second studio album ” In it for life” on june 14th . The band has got them self quite the reputation in their home area winning awards like ”Best local act”
Though the band as seen many changes in the original line-up since the start the nine piece Folk punk band still continues to grow for each counting hour.








Black Anemone
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