Black Aces

Black Aces



Superb good old school rock/metal and yes they rock big time. Inspired by AC/DC and sounding very simlar indeed these guys are perfect for die hard fan. Full of great guitar riffs accompanied by some supersonic vocals what more do you need. Vocally superb, Lyrically supreme and the music kicks ass.


Hailing from country Victoria, Black Aces had a longing to hear the kind of music that had once forged Australia’s musical back bone. They set about crafting such a band; a true blue, fire breathing, chest beating, riff n roll band! Drawing much of their inspiration from the Aussie greats in AC/DC, Rose Tattoo, Billy Thorpe and The Aztecs, The Angels and Cold Chisel, they cut their teeth on their local scene. Developing their sound, and earning a reputation, they built a line-up capable of delivering a powerhouse rock’n’roll show.

Since their inception Black Aces have frantically toured across the width and breadth of Australia countless times, all the while winning new fans in city and country alike. Not stopping there though, in late 2013 the lads hopped a plane to the mother land. A non-stop, beer fueled, 2 week tour of the UK ensued, exciting many a punter with vicious Aussie rock’n’roll the likes they hadn’t seen since AC/DC’s first foray in the mid 70’s. Along the way they have had the pleasure of appearing alongside Aussie greats such as Cosmic Psychos, Dallas Crane, Bodyjar, Stand Alone, Kings Of The Sun, Something For Kate and Black Label, as well as with Australia’s next generation of rock royalty such as Dead City Ruins, The Deep End, The Lazys, Massive, Empra, Redcoats and The Delta Riggs.

2014 saw Black Aces continue the momentum they had built at home and abroad, recording and releasing their ‘Hellbound’ EP,  with an exclusive European version going out through French label Bad Reputation. They subsequently released the manic film clip for lead single ‘On The Rocks, and followed this with a string of shows throughout Oz. Late in the year they begun work on their debut full length album, with recording taking place at the renowned Hothouse Studios. Production duties being taken on by former Kids In The Kitchen member Craig Harnath (Airbourne, The Living End, Dallas Crane, You Am I, Jim Keays). The album is set to be complete early 2015, with a release set for mid year, and subsequent Australian and European tours to follow. So keep your ear to the ground!

Black Aces
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