Balcony and Beyond

Balcony and Beyond



Very interesting concept these guys are a super talented mix of indie, pop, rock, grunge and electronic. But this unique sound is very pleasurable indeed. Vocally very good, Lyrically fantastic and the music is just superb. We love the mix and the way they incorporate so many different instruments and styles. Well worth checking them out.


Balcony and Beyond is an Indie-Pop group based in Tel Aviv, Israel. The band’s English-language tunes are influenced by a broad spectrum of styles, including pop, indie-rock, electronic music, and grunge. Along with the more “traditional” musical instruments of guitars, bass and drums, Balcony and Beyond use unique instruments, including harmonium, different percussion instruments, synths and computers. The group has worked completely independently since it was formed, part of an aspiration for total musical freedom.

Balcony and Beyond
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