B2 Charity Event For Noah A Great Success

B2 Charity Event For Noah A Great Success


 Saturday 7th June saw a whole bunch of truely awesome people turn up at the Brickmakers in Norwich UK to show their support for 2 year old Noah and dig deep in their pockets to raise an amazing £1,780 towards his Leukemia fund. All organised by Simon Powell, Chillie Williams and Harlen Sillett. The whole day leading through into the night was a great success with both the band members and fans having a briiliant time with plenty of laughs. Scotty-D, Adamski, Sonic and I went along with some of our friends to show Rock Bandom’s support and were very glad to be part of it all.


Whilst happily enjoying the music, Nick Barker (Father of little Noah and Drummer for ‘The Art Of Escaping) came and introduced himself to me and I have to say it was an absolute pleasure to met him, He is a really lovely humble person and we can only begin to imagine what life is like for his family at the moment, so we want them to know that they have continued hugs and best wishes from not only the staff but also the listeners of Rock Bandom Radio.


The bands were all totally awesome and loud, creating an excellent atmosphere that went buzzing through the crowd. It’s always great to see Kemakil, Killerhurts, Terebos and Shrapnel but this time rock bandom got to watch  Pain Penitentiary, Hedra, Dispossession, Synaptik, Unhallowed, Karybdis, Coverage Ratm and Warlord uk . \m/

Thanks need to go out to everyone who helped with the event, all the bands who gave their time, the fans who turned up and those who could not be there but still donated and lets not forget the lovely Errol and Kim for cooking our wonderful food 🙂

We took so many photos throughout the day that there is simply no way I could fit them all in on here so if you want to see them please check out our Rock Bandom Radio Face book page-go to photos and look in the Albums .

 Below is a link to a short message on Face book from the very brave and beautiful little Noah…


B2 Charity Event For Noah A Great Success
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