Ashes Armada

Ashes Armada



Fantastic alternative rock/metal band. Good old rock at its best, but these guys have a unique diverse style of there own. When listening to them you can pick up traces of metal with some fantastic guitar solos accompanied by a 90s almost grunge feel then add in the freshness of good old rock and bang you get one very awesome sound. Reminding us of Disturbed crossed with Creed then through in some Foo Fighters. Vocally superb, Lyrically supreme and the music is pure kick ass rock.


The world is on fire. Most everything around you is burning, ready to set you and everything you’ve ever loved aflame. But out of the ashes of the past arose a new hope; a new beginning. Making a six foot climb from each of their graves; Seth, Ryan, Trevor, Zach, and Jake arose from the Ashes and formed the Armada. The aim, of which, was not to seek and destroy, but to reclaim and rebuild. To reclaim the hearts of those who are lost, and to rebuild the music scene in Iowa; and eventually the destination is the rest of the world. The world is burning down. Will you burn with it, or will you rekindle the flame inside and join the Armada?


Ashes Armada
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