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Something different here mainly instrumental but they are accompanied by some hypnotic female vocals. I guess you could say they are very unique in style as their a fusion of rock based tribal/Indian/ psychedelic & rhythmic sounds etc. These guys will defiantly capture and pull you in to a world of chilled out peaceful relaxation.


“Revolutionary mix of female vocals & belly dance, genre defying sound of bowed guitar, and hypnotic rhythms.”

Arcane Dimension is the premiere Tribal Fusion & Avantgarde Rock music & performance project from San Francisco Bay Area. Featuring seductive female vocals,  haunting GuitarViol (bowed guitar) melodies, edgy rock riffs, world instruments, driving beats and hypnotic tribal drums, Arcane Dimension weaves a landscape for all who crave fresh and innovative sound. A theatrical presentation combined with one of a kind costuming, eye-catching stage decorations, guest musicians and tribal belly dancers complete the elements incorporated into the live show.

In 2013 Arcane Dimension has inked a worldwide deal with Ravenheart Music, UK based record label/distribution hub specializing in female fronted rock.

Following the contract on May 2, 2014 Ravenheart Music UK officially re-released the band’s “Avantgarden” album, which replaced the self- release of the same name. Two bonus tracks were included, as well as added instrumentation & voices. All compositions have been remixed and re-mastered. The album now features new artwork by Jessica Allain, a Canadian dark fantasy artist.

From the first track listeners are taken on a dream like journey to far off lands and familiar fantasies. The haunting GuitarViol & siren like vocals paint a vivid picture against the backdrop of ethnic percussion, electronic accents and sometimes hard-hitting rock themes. The album’s title track ‘Avantgarden’ offers a darker, trip hop attitude while still subscribing to Arcane Dimension’s signature, GuitarViol driven sound.

Reviewers have described “Avantgarden” as “superbly organic & melodic”, “each track offers something different while also feeling perfectly situated within the sequence of the album”, “haunting, beautiful & enlightened”!

Also in 2014 the band released “Tribal Dance Series, Vol. 3: Dance of the Dark Faerie”. Following “Tribal Collaborations”, and “Avantgarde Tribal Fusion” EP, this is the third offering in the world of bellydance tribal fusion. Dark and enchanting, hypnotic and deeply emotional! Includes “Shapeshifter” a song featured on “Visions: A Night of Dark & Theatrical Belly Dance” DVD (2014), by Lumen Obscura. Guest musicians: Simone Giorgini Antarktica of Nightbreeder & The Wintermoon Orchestra (Italy), Susu Pampanin: Additional percussion on “Shapeshifter” and “The Ritual”.
Arcane Dimension is the brain-child of Jarek Tatarek, a Polish-American multi-instrumentalists & founder of the legendary Polish thrashers Ashtaroth, the industrial-metal project Enclave and the female-fronted gothic metal band Halcyon Days, joined by a vocalist Teresa Camp. A California native Teresa was the lead singer for Halcyon Days and is also a belly dancer and choreographer and has traveled and performed internationally. With extensive training in speech level singing, opera technique and some Balkan influence vocal coaching, Teresa has created a very unique and tempered voice for Arcane Dimension.

Formed in 2005 Arcane Dimension started out an atmospheric rock/metal band but has since taken an ongoing musical journey, crossing various musical boundaries and releasing several albums: In Ecstasy & Sorrow (2005), The Becoming (2009), The Awakening (2010), Tribal Collaborations (2012), Avantgarden (self release 2012), Avantgarden (deluxe edition on Ravenheart Music UK 2014), Tribal Dance Series, Vol 3: Dance of the Dark Faerie (2014).

Through it all Arcane Dimension has been committed to pushing limits, combining genres, collaborating with other artists and urging those around them to pursue their passion & have the courage to go after their dreams.



Arcane Dimension
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