Angry Itch

Angry Itch

We are Angry Itch we’ve got one question for you……………

Angry Itch are personable trio of Collins-hatin’, Bristow-baitin’, beer-swillin’, cymbal-killin’, punk-rockin’, tempo-shockin’, lovely young men. Their choruses are catchy, their riffs are big, and the boys are LOUD.
Hailing from Birmingham, they are are a three piece leviathan of aggression, angst, and just the right amount of self-deprecation. Currently on the front line of a re-invigorated and vibrant Midlands punk scene, the Itch boys have only been around for three years, but in that time (and with the help of their two delightfully low-fi EP’s, ‘Scratch It ‘til It Bleeds’ and the self-titled ‘Angry Itch’, and one great big bastard of a debut album in ‘Champanzee’,) they’ve managed to become one of the brightest prospects on the UK punk scene.

“Angry Itch’s Champanzee has compassion, energy, some awesome tunes and a lot of personality. If you need a pick-me-up, put this album on. If you need a personal pep-talk, put this album on. And if you want to bounce, pogo, and lose your shit in any location of your choice, put this album on.” – The Punk Archive (

“The bubbling cauldron of hearty punk, pungent grunge and the helping of straight up good shit that is Angry Itch is guaranteed to make you wince, smile and take another swig…… if the Dead Kennedys had a steamy night with Mudhoney you really wouldn’t be far off Angry Itch.” – Sorethumbs (

“A classic all male three piece specialising in a kind of mix of dumb grunge and pissed off punk, winning me over immediately with a song the Angry Samoans would be proud of called ‘Don’t Be A Dick’. Typical of Sub-Pop bands, the Itch play it loud and dumb when they’re actually pretty smart and their EP is a superb piece of young, loud snottiness.” – LouderThanWar (

Our Album has received some acclaim here in the UK, voted in the Top 100 Albums of 2015 by Louder than War and in the Top 10 Albums of 2015 for Uber Rock!
When recording the album, we had the legendary Bill Ward from Black Sabbath come into the studio and have a listen as well (when he visited family in Birmingham last year)

We also played the main stage at Rebellion Festival 2016 alongside such bands as The Buzzcocks, The Damned, GBH, The Descendents, Flag! and a whole host of the best UK punk bands!
We also supported ‘Old Firm Casuals’ on two dates of their UK tour last year (Derby & Birmingham), supported the likes of GBH, Angelic Upstarts, Booze & Glory (currently on their worldwide tour) and are confirmed for the first Rebellion Festival All Dayer to be played in Dublin later this year with the likes of Cocksparrer and Paranoid Visions.

We also host our own festival (Itchfest) and have already started drawing up plans for next years event which will be in its 3rd year.
Twitter: @angryitchband
Instagram: ANGRY_ITCH
Angry Itch – Champanzee – Voted in Uber Rocks Albums of the Year

Angry Itch – Champanzee – Voted in Louder Than War’s Top 100 Albums of 2015

Angry Itch
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