Anchor Detail

Anchor Detail

Origin: South Charlotte, NC; Sometime in 2014. Long time amigos Jeff Tatu, Seth Telles and Travis Brown found enough commonality sonically to commit to a modest collection of fuzzed out rock tunes to delve into live gigging across greater Charlotte and beyond, ultimately leading to the D.I.Y.-style production of their debut EP Tiki Dreams.

At the tail end of a no longer welcome 2017 that took much and left little, joined a year and some months earlier by drummer and classical guitar adept Christian Loebs, this 80s post-punk-inspired, 90s emo-rock-derivative rock and roll group finds itself poised to release its sophomore record at the new year. Enabler, a menagerie of alt-rock bangers, displays Anchor Detail’s fully formed penchant for punishing rhythms, eloquent yet skull-shredding guitar arrangements and corrupted, frank to the bone lyricism. The regret, resentment and despair expressed verbally among its songs belies this band’s true self confidence, with feet planted firmly forward as rock music expressionists through 2018 and even further into the unknown.




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Anchor Detail
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