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Awesome rock band indeed with a mix of power, melodic and more, there’s no stopping your ear drums from standing up to attention as each note  and each riff flood your senses.  They also have this very powerful underlined industrial goth feel accompanied by some fantastic vocals which make these guys stand out. Vocally superb, Lyrically Supreme and the music is just pure awesomeness.


Amore Ad Lunam is one of the most prominent Rock bands that have emerged from Puerto Rico since 2006. Their sound consists of a mix between powerful riffs; melodic lead guitars, resonating keyboards and the drumbeats possess compelling vintage rhythmic variations. The vocals are deep mixed of dramatic and razor-breaking choirs. The songs encompass a wide range of rock-based genre, mixing old school Rock & Roll, Gothic Doom, Alternative and Metal with a tease of Trip Hop. Influences stem from bands like: Paradise Lost, The 69 Eyes, Charon, Icon & The Black Roses, Diminished 7, Fields of the Nephilim, The Sisters of Mercy, Moonspell, Poison Black, Lacrimas Profundere, Type O Negative, Sentenced, The Cult, Billy Idol, Portishead, Katatonia, The Foreshadowing, Swallow the Sun, among others.

Back in December 2013 Amore Ad Lunam released their first full-length album title “Dark Romantic Era”, containing twelve successful songs hit after hit of pure breathtaking melodies and a dominant powerful sound. The album contains such titles as “Never Lasting Love”, “Raven”, “The Witness” & “Devil In Disguise”. The first promotional video for the single “The Witness” was released in early 2014 and a few months later released a lyric video for the second single “Raven” with great success causing a lot of noise from the fans singing along in the crowd.

Actually Amore Ad Lunam is at the Studio recording a 2nd full length that will be title “White Wings, Raven Soul”. The album tells the stories from the road of a Jack N’ Coke low budget strip club addict, bad influence and biker who really knows where to find the fun in life. The first single for the new album is already recorded and mastered titled “I’m Inside You”. The promotional video of the single will start production in the month of December, and should be available for the fans in late January 2016. The video will be recorded in Puerto Rico.

Amore Ad Lunam’s Playlist with Official Videos, Lyrics Videos and Promotions.

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Amore Ad Lunam
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