American Mafia

American Mafia

AMERICAN MAFIA burst onto the scene in 2014 and immediately raised eyebrows with their incendiary, and authentic, brand of classic blues-based hard rock.

AMERICAN MAFIA is the brainchild of guitarist Tom Jude and bassist Freddy Villano, and their debut CD, Rock N’ Roll Hit Machine, is forged from the same sonic template as their ’70s forefathers, specifically, Foreigner, Bad Company, Led Zeppelin and early Whitesnake, to name but a few. According to Steve Reid at, AMERICAN MAFIA “craft an assured slice of various ’70s rock that drips with authenticity.”

Jude and Villano formed AMERICAN MAFIA after the demise of their previous band, Holy Water, a result of lead singer David Knight’s untimely death early in 2014. Together with drummer Bobby Marks, Jude and Villano decided to honor Knight’s legacy by enlisting a world class line-up of singers to help complete the record they’d started together. The names should be familiar to just about any hard rock aficionado: Don Chaffin, (VOX/Red Lamb), John West (Royal Hunt/Artension), Jimmy Kunes (Cactus), Mike DiMeo (Riot/Masterplan) and Ed Terry (Rondinelli).

They re-branded this union of rock and roll rogues AMERICAN MAFIA and released Rock N’ Roll Hit Machine on August 25th, 2014 on Grooveyard Records. Produced by Villano, the record is already receiving accolades for its straight-up, hard rock approach. Here’s what else the critics are saying:

“Smoking hard rock that will fill the void while you wait for the imminent arrival of the new Whitesnake disc.”
Duncan Jamieson / Powerplay Magazine (April 2015)

“This plays like the best classic rock album you’ve never heard.”
Ross Welford / Uber Rock (March 2015)

“Bringing to mind classic hard rock along the lines of Zeppelin or Bad Company at their best.”
Steve Rosen – Author/Journalist (October 2014)

AMERICAN MAFIA is available for interviews and Rock N’ Roll Hit Machine is available for review.

Please contact Freddy Villano at for interview and/or review requests.



“Your Good Lovin'”

“Friendly Fire”

“Death & Satisfaction”


American Mafia
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