Agent 13

Agent 13



Fantastic pop/rock/punk band with a modern twist. Remember the greats like The Clash, The Stones etc. Well take them mix them up a bit add some 90’s alternative then chuck in some modern rock and bang, you get these guys. Extremely great to listen to and every track is mind blowingly catchy. Vocally superb, Lyrically fantastic and the music is just pure awesome.


Agent 13 make archetypal rock and roll. It’s classic but its not ‘Classic Rock’. It’s familiar like a Les Paul and cranked Fender Deluxe, but its not ‘Retro’.

There are lots of guitars here! (…and some drums and bass…)

You want me to tell you we sound like ‘these three bands’, but kinda different; we sound like ALL the great bands we’ve ever heard and NONE of them at the same time. Thats what rock and roll is!

Put it on. Play it LOUD! If you don’t get it at first, try again until you do. What else are you gonna use your ears for?


Bill Carey: Guitars,

Vocals Matt Gilberto: Guitars,

Vocals Chris Nord: Drums,

Richard Gallow: Bass,

General Pain in Ass, Sort of Vocals

Agent 13
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