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Acid FM



One excellent  Stoner, Hard Rock band.  If you love psychedelic tripped out 70’s sounding rock with a modern twist,  you will most defiantly love this lot. Vocally great, Lyrically just as good and the music is well out of this world. A pleasure to listen to.


Acid FM is a Stoner, Hard Rock band hailing from the Charlotte, NC area. The group consists of Sparky Simmons – Vocals / Guitar, Mark Lefler – Drums, and Doc Obergefell – Bass. Overall, Acid FM’s sound is a nice blend of grooved-up Space Rock with Psychedelic and 70’s Fuzz overtones, along with other non-mainstream elements. Some call it “Experi-metal”, Fuzz Rock, Desert Fuzz, or Post Grunge. Others call it, “just good hard rock”. Either way, Acid FM is everything you want and nothing that’s out there. We are the best sonic-induced trip you will ever take.

Acid FM
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