A Night Out With Stu Larsen & Jed Appleton

A Night Out With Stu Larsen & Jed Appleton


Walking down narrow steps in to an eclectic little room lit with nothing more than candles and shaded lamps. The atmosphere is a haze of cosiness as chilled out people wait for the entertainment to start including the management of Rock Bandom Radio.

Last night we were invited to The Bicycle Shop in Norwich (UK) by our good friends at Beehive Productions Ltd to see Australian musicians Stu Larsen with supporting act Jed Appleton. It was an intimate evening in a packed out room full of Folk loving fans. No flashy light displays, no drum kits or sound effects, Just two guys and their guitars.   I am so glad that we got to experience their beautiful vocals and amazing guitar playing along with Stu’s beard tangling Harmonica. There where moments with both acts when the room was so silent listening in awe of those alluring voices, that it gave you spine tingling chills.


Here at Rock Bandom we have a love for all kinds of music but I have to say that Stu and Jed were an absolute pleasure to behold and if you like such musicians as Rhodes, Noah Gunderson or Ed Sheeran then you are going to love these two just as much as us.


Our thanks go out to Beehive Productions for organizing this event and of course to The Bicycle shop for such a great venue, but our biggest thanks goes to Stu and Jed for such amazing performances. We wish you all the best with your continued adventures touring around the world…Safe journey guys, come back soon!.




A Night Out With Stu Larsen & Jed Appleton
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