1 Last Chance

1 Last Chance



Great alternative punk/rock band with a great modern sound, reminding us of Sleeping With Sirens, Blink 182 etc. Very pleasurable to listen to indeed. Vocally brilliant, Lyrically superb and musically just as fantastic.


Catchy, emotional and melodic alt. rock from the heart of Mississippi. 1 Last Chance was founded on the belief that music should mean something. If you enjoy the songs of bands like Green Day, Blink 182, Rise Against and Coheed & Cambria, you’ll enjoy everything 1LC has to offer.

1 Last Chance’s origins can be traced back to around 2006, when a couple of young stallions decided to set penis jokes to music. The two plucky youngsters, going by the monikers of DJ Bmac (Brandon McDaniel) and Jake Dixie (Jacob Hampton) at the time, formed a tour de force of punk and hip-hop centered around their junk and what they intended to do with it. Though that project was relatively short-lived, it sowed the seeds of their future endeavor by making it clear that the combination of these two nerds inevitably creates an explosion of creamy goodness in the flavor of rock.

The collaboration between our two heroes ceased around the time that Jake decided to undergo a job change in a far-away land. Bmac continued his legacy of rocking by founding 1LC’s original lineup and seeing it through until several key members parted ways. Eventually, Jake transferred back to the motherland (Oxford, MS) and the collaboration reconvened, better than before; this time with the angry depression that comes with age and life experience. Having been inspired in their youths by bands like Bad Religion, Coheed & Cambria and Rise Against, Jake and Bmac are more than well in-tune with their musical muses.

1LC’s new and final lineup includes: Brandon McDaniel on guitar, Jacob Hampton on vocals, Brett Cox on bass and Jason Dean on drums. Brett has expert bass playing hands forged from years of churning butter, as he was incapable of bossing around his 8 Amish wives. The rhythmically gifted Jason has an extensive background in garage rock and possesses golden locks that would make even the likes of Matthew McConaughey jealous.


Jacob Hampton – vocals

Brandon McDaniel – lead guitar

Brett Cox – bass guitar

Jason Dean – drums Links











1 Last Chance
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