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1 in Five



Wow supersonic Rock n Blues band with a hard fast paced edge. These guys simply rock and we mean rock, if you like fast paced toe tapping headbanging music wrapped into one packedge then here you have it. There is something for every one so they will please any fan across the rock spectrum. Vocally Superb, Lyrically Supreme and the music is second to none.


1 in Five is a Hard Rock Blues band from Brighton UK, playing straight up rock n roll with a melodic rhythm section, rippin’ guitars, and bellowing vocals. The band draws on a wide range of classic and contemporary influences including The Doors, Rival Sons, Mudhoney, Slash, Pink Floyd, and Clutch.

After the successful release of the ‘Hold On EP’ in July 2014 the 4 track debut received warm reviews and went on to be played on over 250 radio stations worldwide. By choosing to give the EP away for free 1 in Five were quickly able to reach a wider audience than most and begin to build a network of loyal fans who have continued to support them throughout their journey so far.

Now continuing to gig regularly 1 in Five’s energetic & dynamic live show is guaranteed to get audiences dancing, sweat flying, and ears ringing. As the band continues to write, and play new material on the road the next EP won’t be far away.

“Something that will have the whole crowd moving”
– Best Believe

“Quintessentially ‘rock’ vocals, and expert instrumentation – these guys are obviously not amateurs”
– Smells Like Teen Wrote It

“A captivating EP which ends in beautiful fashion with a guitar solo leaving you hanging on the strings crying for more”
– Floatation Suite



Check us out on the following:

Website: www.1inFive.com
Facebook: www.facebook.com/1inFive
Twitter: @1inFiveHQ

1 in Five
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