The Almighty Man Band

Bio: Taking its name from The Temptations’ song ‘Law of the Land’, The Almighty Man Band is the musical moniker and stage name of Cardiff musician and singer/songwriter Richard Davies. Supported by a collection of assorted musicians his music and sound draws on influences ranging from Buffalo Springfield/Neil Young through to Led Zeppelin and Bruce Springsteen. The Debut Album ‘Close Enough to Touch’ is produced by Charlie Francis and features…



  Album Release: 5th November 2016 Multi-national Rock outfit KYROS featuring Adam Warne, Joey Frevola, Sam Higgins, Peter Episcopo and Robin Johnson are set to release their maxi-single entitled ‘Cloudburst’.   KYROS are not afraid to take song writing and musical experimentation to a whole new level by pushing the boundaries. Creating fresh, new and exciting music with influences ranging from eighties pop (e.g. Depeche Mode and Kat Bush) through…


Crawford Brothers

Hailing from the eastern coast of Australia, Crawford Brothers’ is the latest venture of brothers Ben and Zac Crawford with drummer Adam Harris. The band have sparked major interest with their world class and jaw dropping live shows and a sound adjoining the pop rock genre. Topped off with a fusion of strong musicianship and well-crafted melodic and pop driven anthems, the band proves to be a recipe for success…


Vulgar Speech

Hello! we’re Vulgar Speech, a metal band from Pordenone, Italy. Vulgar Speech was born in 2012. Initially was a four member group, but after some divergenses they decided to create a power trio. The genre is difficult to describe, a miscellaneous style between groove metal and hard rock, with a great range of influences. In 2015 they recorded “is this vulgar 2” ,a first 5 songs EP. Actually, the band…


Joey Vaillancourt

Joey is a singer/songwriter from Luskville Quebec Canada. Joey and his wife Natasha own and operate a ranch in Luskville Quebec. When not working the ranch, Joey is writing new songs, performing and playing music at every opportunity he can. Raised on country music as a kid, Joey picked up a guitar at the age of 16 and began singing and writing in his early years. After releasing a 5…



Bio: “With a deep love for 70s Hard Rock, Frelsi are heavy, riff orientated and are true Rock Revivalists. The band, from Aberdeen, Scotland is comprised of Andrew Bonn on bass and Michael Watt on guitar and vocals. Formed in 2015, the duo have been writing in Aberdeen for the last year and have recently recorded their debut EP, ‘Heavy Seas’, due for release in late 2016. Circumstance has led…


Temper Cartel

Press Release/Bio Temper Cartel started life as an Oxford based writing partnership in July 2015. Although a relatively new project, Josh Alden (Songwriter/ Vocalist/Rhythm Guitarist) and Danny Fisher (Lead Guitar/Arrangements) have been making music together since early 2014 in a previous Oxford based band. After enduring a personal tragedy, 3 month hiatus and a line-up change Josh and Danny decided to take their music in a different, more alternative direction…



TERRORWAY was born in February 2009 from the idea of Ivan Fois (guitar), Cosma Secchi (drums) and Anselmo “Memo” Mascia (voice). The bass player Giovanni Serra immediately joined them, becoming officially part of the band on march 2009. Soon after the band started to work on the first EP “Absolute” recorded and mixed at V-Studio (Cagliari, Italy) between March and April 2010. The EP was mastered by Ettore Rigotti (Disarmonia…