Thunder And Lightning

Heavy indeed but with harmony, old-school but not self-limiting traditionals – here are THUNDER AND LIGHTNING from Berlin. You like screaming vocals, tons of riffs, shredding solos and pounding drums? You are out for a crushing live act, and a tremendous metal show? So, here you go. Existing since 2004, with the current line-up since 2008, THUNDER AND LIGHTNING present their version of aggressive Power Metal to the scene, and…



Love Child is a dynamic rock band from Sydney, Australia – combining old school rock influences with a touch of blues, mashed with a modern attitude, served up in a bouquet of outstanding sound and performance to accolades nationwide. Love Child strives to recreate classic rock sounds, combining both British (Zeppelin, Stones, Joe Cocker, Free, Bad Company) and American influences (Hendrix, Aerosmith, Black Crowes) infused with Motown and soul, adding…


Double Experience

Band Bio: Double Experience, the Canadian purveyors of nerdy neo-rock, have successfully crafted their third album, “Unsaved Progress”; nine tracks devoid of the angry, lovelorn tantrums of their peers, covering everything from major-league gaming and time travel to the (Blue Oyster) cult-classic “Godzilla”. “Unsaved Progress” was recorded with the help of AL JACOB and KIT WALTERS in North Carolina and was released on April 8, 2016 and reached #6 on…



“A sultry swampland of immersive melancholy, noir kissed beauty, and bewitching almost sinister drama.” Dark and feral songs full of irony and social criticism tell of love, murder, and failed politics. The dark soul of Hackmonocut’s music comes along with a familiar feeling of melancholy in his voice, driven by humming, distorted guitars creating Hackmonocut’s special kind of alternative rock noir sound. Started in 2012 as a single man show…


The Lady anoNYMous

The Lady anoNYMous is the artist aspect of anoNYMous Raven, a writer, composer, and genderqueer activist. Trained as a pianist, they are heavily influenced by the great ladies of piano rock, Tori Amos and Amanda Palmer. They also draw inspiration from the respective kings of trip-hop and industrial music, Thom Yorke and Trent Reznor. In the past, they have been the vocalist for several metal projects. These days, however, they…


The Saw Short Fuse

The Saw A four-piece rock band based on the South Coast of England, The Saw have recently released a new EP “Short Fuse”, which showcases their original songs and demonstrates their West Coast ambient and 70’s Rock influences. Short Fuse has an harder edge than their last album “Burning Bridges” but still displays the versatility and excellent musicianship of the members of The Saw. The quality of the songs is…